Even if your favorite beverages are carbonated or caffeinated, water does need to take a lead role in your life. You can absolutely still enjoy other drinks, but it’s best to also be drinking a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day. Here are three tips to help keep you reaching for that water for optimal hydration. 


Find the Water Bottle for You

If you have a problem tracking the ounces you consume, try getting a water bottle that not only keeps track of those numbers for you but also encourages you to reach your goals. For example, Venture Pal’s bottle is marked with time stamps and inspiration to ensure you drink all the ounces you need in a day.


Download the App for You

There are many apps designed to remind you to keep drinking water. Based on activity level, body weight, and whatever your personal goals are, these apps can help you track your water consumption and remind you to drink. You’ll find plenty of options for both iOS and Android. If you’re into games, you can gamify with Plant Nanny for iOS and Android and watch your virtual plant grow while hydrating. 


Add Some Flavor Just for You

Sometimes, it just takes a little flavor to spark a reminder and make it more enticing to drink water. Try recipe combos like thyme, cucumber, and lime with lemon. You head to your local Lakewood grocer and pick up some apples and carrots to squeeze in there as well. Add some strawberry and pineapple to make it a tropical treat. 


Whether it’s a cool 55-degree evening or a sweltering summer afternoon, you should find creative ways to up your intake of water, be it by finding the right water bottle, downloading an app, or adding a little flavor. It’s up to you—just whatever you do, don’t forget. Your body is depending on you.