Let’s take a trip back to New York City at the turn of the 20th century. You go to buy a bagel for the perfect Sunday breakfast. With thinly sliced smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, tomato, and red onion, you’re in breakfast bagel heaven!

Throughout the decades, bagels have evolved, and now there are more options than ever. There are savory and sweet bagels, which can be simply dressed with a flavored cream cheese schmear or sliced and filled with your favorite sandwich fixings. Are you craving bagels yet? If so, here are three great local bagel shops to check out.

Bellflower Bagels & Java Too

A ten-minute drive away in Bellflower, Bellflower Bagels & Java Too opens at 5:30 a.m. and is the perfect quick breakfast spot! With classics like a ham and cheese sandwich on a jalapeƱo bagel and a classic lox on a sesame seed bagel, you can’t go wrong. There are also fluffy croissants, huge cinnamon rolls, and yummy smoothies.

Bagelry & Bistro

If you are looking for a place with a bit more of a sit-down feel, head over to Bagelry & Bistro in Long Beach, where they make their bagels fresh every day. You can order up a Palm Springs bagel with plenty of avocado or a chocolate chip or blueberry bagel for something sweeter. They also serve huge acai bowls for when you go with your family and someone has a hankering!

Cassidy’s Corner Cafe

With an alliterative name like Cassidy’s Corner Cafe, you know you’re in for some beautiful breakfast bagels! This shop is less than ten minutes away, and you’ll find sweet selections like chocolate chip with peanut butter or red velvet with sweet cream cheese, and savory favorites include the Joe’s Special with jalapeno cream cheese and the sausage and egg bagel sandwich. And try out the bagel bomb for an unforgettable experience!

No matter your bagel preferences, there are three delicious bagel shops in the area sure to satisfy your doughy cravings. Try them out and let us know your favorite. Happy bagel-eating!