This year’s Memorial Day is likely to look different than the previous years. Because of COVID-19 and the statewide lockdown, many people will have to forgo their Memorial Day parades, poolside barbecues, and other traditions.

Despite the stay-at-home orders, we can still honor those who died fighting for our country. Here are three ways you can celebrate Memorial Day indoors this year.

Watch a favorite war movie.

Soak in some great, historical entertainment by watching a movie or two on one of your streaming platforms. As for that outdoor barbecue you were looking forward to, grill some hamburgers on the stove, cut fresh fruit, and add your favorite chips as a side dish, and you’re ready to begin your Memorial Day movie marathon.

If you need suggestions, we are here for you. Watch the award-winning 1917 to learn a little more about World War I, or put on The Boy in the Striped Pajamas or Schindler’s List to learn about World War II. (Disclaimer: You WILL need tissues.) If you are looking for more war movie inspiration, check out this list from IMBD.

Make a donation for our troops past and present. 

Although cemeteries are closed, preventing you from visiting the graves of our fallen heroes, you can still show tribute to our soldiers by making donations to military charities. Consider donating to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the American Veterans Center, the Gary Sinise Foundation for wounded veterans, or the Fisher House Foundation (which supports military families). You can even send a care package of $25 gift cards to military officials based overseas so that they can make phone calls home.

Enjoy a patriotic-themed dance party.

If you love Memorial Day parades, don’t miss out on those beloved tunes. While the parades are mostly canceled this year, bring the singing and the dancing to your home.

Begin by transforming your living room into a dance floor and set up a Memorial Day playlist like this country one featuring hits by Dolly Parton, Lee Brice, and more. Take your party one step further and go virtual! Invite friends on Zoom and let the party begin.

Don’t let the statewide lockdown prevent you from having fun this Memorial Day. Enjoy a patriotic weekend by watching war movies, donating to military charities, and hosting a dance party in your living room. Most importantly, take the time to remember and appreciate those who sacrificed themselves for the freedoms you enjoy today. Happy Memorial Day!