As of 2020, 79 percent of American people have a social media account. Facebook has over 1.4 billion activity users, who, on average, upload 300 photos and watch 8 billion videos daily. Similarly, Instagram has over 500 million users, who upload 96 photos and 250 million stories daily.

With our social media accounts accessible at a click of a button, we can connect to people around the world within seconds. As cool as this is, some people choose to use social media as a way to post negative content rather than as a way to positively connect with others. It’s important to know that a safer and better internet begins with you. Here are four ways you can generate more positivity online!

1. Be kind to those you interact with.

Platforms like Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to easily converse with users you may not be following. Use this opportunity to meet new people, learn from others’ experiences, and build relationships! Always give strangers the benefit of the doubt and remember that they may be experiencing struggles you can’t relate to. Life is already hard, so why make it harder for someone? Here are a few ways you can be kind online:

  • When someone posts something positive, like it.
  • Congratulate others for their hard work, successes, and accomplishments, even if you don’t personally know them.
  • If someone is experiencing hardship, express your condolences.

2. Highlight and spread positive content.

Social media is flooded with photos of cute critters and funny memes. Sharing a video of a sleepy dog or a photo that is full of lighthearted humor can turn someone’s day around.

When it comes to the personal content you post, evaluate it to ensure that it encourages, uplifts, and spreads happiness. If you come across something online that does the opposite of those three things, don’t be afraid to report it. Many platforms have specific content guidelines and want to remove negative and hurtful content as much as you do.

3. Follow the good, not the bad.

Have you ever heard the saying “You are the average of the five people you spend your time with?” The same can apply to those you interact with online! By following positive people and brands, you are more likely to be happier as you scroll through your news feed. If a page that used to bring you happiness no longer does, don’t be afraid to unfollow it. By choosing to follow positive pages like these, you fill your feed and mind with uplifting messages.

4. Leave positive reviews for local businesses.

Here in Lakewood, California, there are plenty of hidden gems. Consider spreading positivity by writing a positive review on a business’s Yelp, Facebook, or Google page. Was your waiter particularly kind at Sake 2 Me Sushi? Was the food at The Gnarley Dawg cooked to perfection? Let these businesses know!

If you happen to belong to the majority of Americans who use social media, follow our tips above to generate more positivity and happiness online. Be kind to those you interact with, spread positive content, follow uplifting accounts, and review local businesses. Your news feed will change, and so will your mood.