It’s hard to believe, but we’ve lived with COVID-19 for over a year. During that time, we’ve seen countless changes in the way we work, live, and relocate. That’s right: Studies show that almost nine million people changed addresses since the pandemic began, with no signs of slowing down. 

Although the reasons for relocating vary, one thing is for sure: Moving during the pandemic presents unique safety challenges. But with a little preparation and some strategic help, you can ensure your moving experience is safe and hassle-free. Here are the three top moving tips to get you started. 

Allow Extra Time to Sort Through Your Belongings

A big part of moving is sorting through personal items to determine what moves with you and which items can be donated to community charities. Although nearby donation centers like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Big Brothers Big Sisters still accept donations, many organizations have changed their donation process, including shortened hours, drive-up service requirements, etc. Call ahead to clarify any restrictions on donations and allow yourself plenty of time to drop off donated items. Here is a list of organizations in the Lakewood area that accept donations.

Start with New Packing Materials

While reusing plastic totes or scouting around for large warehouse boxes used to be popular ways to help pack your things—don’t do it. Recent studies show that the coronavirus can live on cardboard for as long as 24 hours. Boxes that you already own are fine, but you’ll need to resist the urge to buy them second-hand or borrow them from a neighbor. Go straight to the supply or hardware store and buy them yourself. If possible, buy more than you think you’ll need; that will prevent any last-minute packing emergencies. 

Be Prepared for Your Movers

There are two ways to be ready for your movers to arrive. First, be sure your boxes are packed 24 hours before the moving team is scheduled to arrive. “Coronavirus can last a long time on surfaces, including up to 24 hours on cardboard boxes,” writes Laura Mueller for “Your movers will be wearing gloves, but for everyone’s safety you should still have your boxes packed and sitting untouched at least a day before your movers arrive.”

Second, offer plenty of wipes and hand sanitizer when the movers arrive. Whether you use a professional moving company or a small team of family and friends, everyone should be wearing masks and gloves, social distancing, when possible, and using plenty of sanitizer and cleaners as they work. 

When a change of address is in your future, these safety moving tips will help make sure your moving day is safe and organized. Allow yourself plenty of time, use new packing materials, and prepare for your movers. From all of us here at Lakewood Manor, we can’t wait to welcome you home!