Although Syncopated Brewing Co. is new to the Lakewood, CA, scene, it’s already one of the most highly-rated breweries in the area. With a variety of beers with names like Pink Triangle, Wake up Sleepyhead, and Red Dragon Tattoo, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. 

Not only is the brewery locally-owned and run, but it also has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and staff. If you’re interested in trying a new brewery in Lakewood, this might be the perfect spot for you! Keep reading to learn more about Syncopated Brewing Co. and what makes the brewery so special.

The Birth of a New Brewery

Syncopated Brewing Company was formed by Jason Van Fleet and Chris Klein, both with years of experience in the brewing industry. Van Fleet is the owner of Dutch’s BrewHouse, another wildly popular brewery in California, and Klein has worked in the brewing industry for a decade. Between their expertise and passion for good beer, the partnership was sure to be successful when the two met at a mutual friend’s BBQ on Labor Day and instantly hit it off.

Since their grand opening a few months ago, they have made it their mission to make incredible and offbeat beer for their customers to enjoy.

Special Food and Events

Not only does the brewery serve their own beer, but they also host local restaurants such as The Wicked Kitchen, Catering by Dre, and Janer Family BBQ. Plan your visit to the brewery on the same day your favorite restaurant is going to be there to take full advantage of delicious food and drink!

On top of hosting local restaurants, Syncopated Brewing Co. also has fun events with other local businesses. For example, they host “Paint your Pint” nights with The Pottery Bar—the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with friends and leave with a beautiful pint glass to add to your collection at home.

Rotating Beers on Tap

Syncopated Brewing Co. constantly updates their menu online to reflect their current beers on tap. Just take a look at their current menu and you’ll see nearly every type of beer, from stouts to IPAs and golden ales to sours. 

Whether you like something light and fruity or something deep and rich, this brewery will have several options that are sure to delight your taste buds. 

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