The holidays are on their way, and with them come a whole host of beloved holiday traditions. From singing seasonal tunes to eating hearty meals, there are a ton of great activities to plan, and many of these favorites can easily be done while social distancing! 

What is not often planned for during the holiday season is when a kitchen appliance doesn’t perform properly. But don’t worry; you can prevent any household mishaps. Follow our appliance maintenance tips to ensure a truly magical season for you and your loved ones. 

Tip #1: Deep Clean

We rely so much on our fridges, stoves, and ovens, but sometimes, they break! It doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen: Consumer Reports did a survey and found that 6 percent of respondents had problems with cooking elements not lighting or heating up on ranges, and 5 percent had refrigerators that didn’t cool properly. The worst number was 11 percent: the percent of respondents who said their dishwashers stopped cleaning properly. Yikes!

So, first on our list of appliance maintenance tips is to do a deep clean of your appliances. Clean out the dust from the mechanical coils behind your fridge. Make sure your stove and oven heat up properly, and give them a good scrub while you’re at it. And make sure your dishwasher is sparkling clean by placing a single dishwasher-safe cup of white vinegar on the top rack and running a full cycle. Taking a close look at your appliances and giving them a good, deep clean will help your holiday cooking go more smoothly.

Tip #2: Plan a Cooking Test Run

This is the fun part. Take your kitchen appliances through their paces; it’s a great excuse to enjoy your holiday recipes more than once! Fire up the oven, test out your stove burners, and then make sure your dishwasher gets everything clean. If there are any problems with these major appliances, you’ll have plenty of time to make sure everything is in working order before the day of your meal.

Tip #3: Reach Out to Our Maintenance Crew

Here at Lakewood Manor Apartment Homes, we’re all about helping you have a magical and stress-free holiday season. So if your garbage disposal isn’t disposing or a stove burner isn’t burning (or it’s burning too much), go to the Lakewood Manor Apartment Homes Resident Portal and submit a work order. Our 24-hour maintenance team will get everything repaired so you can relax and enjoy the holiday season.

If an appliance breaks this holiday season, don’t stress! Follow our appliance maintenance tips by cleaning and testing out your kitchen appliances and remembering to reach out to our maintenance team as soon as repairs are needed. The entire staff here at Lakewood Manor Apartment Homes sincerely wants your holiday wishes to come true this year!